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Omni Capital Cameroon Ltd is a company made up of people who believe in the future of Cameroon. We believe things can be done in an honest and organised way; and where the outcome reflects everybody's expectation.

Our key drivers are Honesty, Integrity, Openness and Hard work!

Project Management

Through our state-of-the-art Project Portal, we make necessary arrangements for you, follow up and represent you and do all the nitty-gritties which you do not have the time for but are very important. We do this while keeping you very well informed.

Asset Management

Through our asset management service, we help you maintain a good handle on your assets in Cameroon, ensuring issues are promptly identified and solved, making sure the value of the asset is preserved and making it work for your benefit. We do this while giving you a clear visibility on every step of the process and what it takes to get things done in Cameroon.

Our Mission

To help you Plan, Organise and Manage your small-to-medium projects here in Cameroon in order to achieve your project goals; doing so within budget, on time and to your satisfaction.

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Why Choose Us

There's no better reason to choose us than sharing with you what our customers are telling us:

Linus Etti (CEO Asantagroup, USA) - Customer (Omni Capital-managed) Soban 87 Class Silver Jubilee

Hi Boris (Omni Capital),

Thanks to Omni Capital in helping us execute the 87 class silver Jubilee celebration. This was my first experience working with a project/event management company back home and I would have to say the result is very encouraging.
Linus Etti

Michael Che Mafor (Consultant,Germany) - Customer (Omni Capital-managed) Soban 87 Class Silver Jubilee

Hallo Boris (Omni Capital),

For those of us watching the management from a far, I wish to second to observations made by comrade Etti.

I’m also quite pleased at the professionalism and transparency with which you and your organization managed the project.

I’m well pleased with the results.
Thumbs up and keep it that way!
Che Mafor, Michael

Sidonie Nupa (Pharmacist : North Carolina, USA) - (Omni Capital-managed) Nupa Scholarship Foundation Cameroon)

Dear Silas (Omni Capital),

Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed response. I am very, very impressed with how quickly you all took my ideas and ran with them. Lol. I am even more excited now about the path forward.

These are a lot of questions and I will do my best to answer them. Please keep in mind I know what I want, but I need expert opinions like yours to facilitate them and/or morph them into what would work best for the environmental conditions in Cameroon, all things being equal.
I will try to bullet my points so I don't miss anything.

Abofu Alemka Phd (Alberta, Canada) - Customer (Omni Capital-managed) SureHire Car Rentals

Omni Capital was my first stop in Cameroon for car rental and project management services. I was generally very happy with your service and the quality of the car I got to use. The main difference between you guys and other car rentals is the fact that you are highly professional and more efficient both in your approach and rendering of service which I enjoyed.

They are highly professional with very good quality cars and a knack to satisfy customer needs. Their services are both necessary and recommended.

Our Success Stories

Project Management: Limbe Apartments Renovation

The Problem:

Our client is the heir of a family a property in Limbe. He has been abroad for a while and has only very old memories of the property in question. Through communication with relatives, it comes to his knowledge that the property is in a very bad state and that there are actually tenants living in the building who have not paid rents for several months.

He realises this property which is a valuable property to the family is currently going to waste and he needs to do something about it. But before he can do anything, he needs some hard facts about the property and he needs someone on the ground that is reliable and will be committed to ensure his vision for the property is fully achieved.

The Solution:

Having understood the client’s problems, we established that he knows what he wants and he needs is someone reliable who can understand and deliver his requirements. Our client also wants to have as much visibility as possible on the activities on the ground so he can be satisfied that his vision has been achieved.

Establishing the Hard Facts

At Omni Capital, we quickly assembled our property inspection team to visit the said property get to some first-hand information how the property looks like. Following this first visit, our team visited the property again and did a comprehensive property inspection, checking every single detail and aspect of the property. The result was an Asset Condition Report which provided our client with information on:

  • The actual physical state of the property. (aided with pictures and annotations)
  • The current tenancy/occupancy situation of the property.
  • The environmental situation of the property.
  • The legal and financial situation of the asset.
  • Recommendations on the best way forward
Executing the Vision

With the client having a clear picture of the state of the asset, it was now time to perform the actual work of renovating the property so that it becomes a valuable asset once again. Omni Capital through its network of building contractors and suppliers quickly identified they most appropriate contact to perform the building work.

Through rigorous monitoring and supervision, we were able to deliver a completed renovated property to the total satisfaction of the client; all done in time and within the agreed budget. The client was able to get real time updates on the progress of the project through our online information system( .

Thanks to Omni Capital, our clients was able to achieved his vision in a short period of time and a cost far lower than he would have incurred if he had to do himself by coming over to Cameroon.

Asset Management: House Inspection Report

The Problem

Our client owns a property in Limbe, Cameroon. She has not visited it for a long time. She has no idea what the state of the property is. She needs to make some investments in the property but cannot determine where to start as She has no idea what She is dealing with.

Using a friend or relative won’t help as neither has the time or patience to take a detail look at the property and give an accurate and comprehensive feedback. She needs someone to give an Asset Condition Report.

The Solution

Once the client came to us and explained her predicament, we knew exactly what She needed. She needed information that will make her feel like She actually went to the property herself and inspected it. So, we got information on the description and location of the building, and a letter of authorisation to access the property from the client. We then assigned an Omni Capital Account Manager to visit the site on three different occasions to gather data that will enable us come up with an asset condition report.

Phase 1: Preliminary Inspection

During the first visit the following was obtained; a sketch map of the building, information on the neighbourhood and occupants and photos of the property and its neighbourhood.

Phase 2: Technical Inspection

The structural, electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, optional systems and appliances were inspected during this phase. Issues that were discovered included an exposed foundation eroded by rains which could lead to the collapse of the building; the interior walls and ceilings were wet, rotten and moulded

Phase 3: Final Inspection

At this level, the sanitary conditions of the building, tenancy situations, and the tenancy agreement were properly checked. Tenants had been staying in the property for over a year without paying a single dime as rent!

Phase 4: Data Analysis and Report Writing

The data collected was assembled, recommendations made and report prepared. The report was complete with pictures, annotations and descriptions of several aspect of the physical, environment, legal and financial situation of the asset. The report was submitted to client within fourteen working days.

The Result

A thorough and comprehensive Asset Condition Report was presented to the client. She was happy and now has information she can rely on to make a wise decision on further action.

Asset Management: - The resurgence of a declining Asset/Business

The Problem:

Our Client is a 'bushfaller' entrepreneur with operations in Cameroon. His business ( provides online retail services to clients abroad and in Cameroon. He is based in the UK but he comes to Cameroon quarterly to supervise the running of the business.

For about two years the business has been experiencing a drastic drop in sales and it has been loosing customers. This drop was caused by poor management and the lack of an office space with a permanent staff to run the business. He needed somebody to manage these challenges which were increasing every day. So he came to Omni Capital

The Solution:

The solution on offer here was our Asset Management Service. After going through his request we understood that he needed a Company to take over the Administration and Management of the business operations within Cameroon. Increasing revenue of the business and getting new customers was a key objective. He also wanted to be remotely connected to the business such that he will be able to manage and get regular feedback on the progress of the business.

Developing a Business Strategy

At Omni Capital we immediately assigned an Account Manager to specially coordinate and manage the activities of the business. We also got access to all the activities of the business during the previous years and developed a marketing plan to increase the sales of the business. We created a Client account on our online Management Information System ( to enable the client direct access to all the activities of the business which included;

  • Transactions such as the daily Income and Expenses
  • Current Chart of Account Balances
  • Notes and updates of all the activities of the business
  • Quarterly reports on Sales Revenue, Income and Expenditure
Managing the Business

After putting up a new standard operating procedure for the running of the business and providing all administrative and office tools needed to run the business, we did the following;

  • Massive publicity through email, facebook, and skype to regain the confidence of Old and New customers and to bring in new customers.
  • We increased the customer service and delivery time.
  • We made sure that we produced and sent regular monthly reports to the client concerning the progress of the business.
  • We also sent out newsletters advertising the business services.

One year on, the partnership has been very positive. The client is very happy with the new life we brought into the business. We also gave him enough time to go about his other activities while we made sure his business was profitable.
We also accomplished the following;

  • Being an internet-based business, with customers in all time zones across the world, we were able to provide the service 24/7 for one full year non-stop
  • A 300% rise in the sales from when we took over the business
  • We brought in new customers and regained the confidence of old customers
  • We doubled the revenue of the business through aggressive cost savings
  • We provided a permanent office space for him whenever he comes to Cameroon for business.

Project Management: SOBA 87 Class Silver Jubilee

The Problem:

Our client, an ex-student of Sasse College, Buea, Cameroon wanted to organise the silver jubilee of his class batch. Most of his former class mates are very busy people distributed all around the world and so he had difficulty coordinating the organisation of this event. More so, he was located in Stuttgart, Germany and coordinating the organisation of an event of this magnitude in Cameroon was practically impossible from so far away.

He needed somebody on the ground to coordinate the organisation of all the activities for the event. He also wanted to get feedback on a regular basis on every aspect of the project planning and to ensure that the event is a success and carries the "jest" that it deserves.

The Solution:

After talking with the Client, we quickly established his needs and requirements. Our client also needed suggestions on the best way the event could be organised and coordinated.

Assembling and coordinating all Stake Holders

At Omni Capital we quickly established connections with the local stakeholders involved like the school principal and classmates based in Cameroon and started immediate arrangements for the organisation of the event. Some of things needed for the celebration included:

  • Gifts to the School
  • Organisation of Communal Lunch with the school students
  • Hosting of the Gala Night
  • Lodging of Guests and Participants.
Coordinating the event

After confirming the dates for the event and organising the different service providers, we moved on to the coordination of the event proper. The first stage was managing a Church Service and Communal Launch which was held in the school premises amongst all the former class mates and the students and teachers of the school. We ensured that the Communal Booklets and Meal arrived on time for the event. We also ensured that the school was prepared for the event.

At the end of the event at the school, the client was very pleased because we made the event memorable not just for him but for the school.

The second stage was the Gala night which was meant to bring together all his class mates all over the world with their friends. We made sure that we selected the best hall in town for the event. The hall was well organised and decorated. We also made sure that the catering service providers brought the food on time. The hall was well animated with music throughout the gala night. At the end of the event we received many words for appreciation as the organiser acknowledged that the event was professionally organised and it surpassed his expectations. He was also surprised that a company in Cameroon was able to provide project management services with such high standards.

Project Management: The John Nupa Academic Scholarship

The Problem:

This client came to us because she had a passion to immortalise the memory and legacy of her late father. She’d always wanted to honour her late Father’s teaching legacy through an annual scholarship at a local private school in Kumba, Cameroon.

She has harboured this dream for several years but because of her work and location (she lives in the US) she could not transform this idea of hers into reality. She had reservations launching the scholarship with the school as she was not sure the school will be able to manage the scholarship properly and give her the visibility and accountability she desired. She needed to be fully in sync with the whole scholarship process but also needed to be free to pursue her other very important career engagements. She knew what she wanted and just needed someone to make it happen.

The Solution

Once the client informed us of her intentions, we established a series of actions that needed to be carried out to transform her vision into reality. We quickly established the following:

  • Defining School Needs per student per class. This was done in collaboration with the school. This quickly gave the client a clear picture of what an average student in each class needed for effective studies.
  • Defining what the Scholarship covers and the duration. This was done as per the client’s requirement. Once the client had a clear idea of what the school needs were for each student in the various classes, she was in a better position to determine how she was going to donate into the Scholarship Fund and what benefits the scholarship would cover per student. We then proceeded with the next steps, which included;
  • Determination of Eligibility Criteria.
    Working with the school and the expectations of the client, we were able to develop a suitable screening and eligibility criteria for the students to the great satisfaction of the client.
  • Develop a plan on how the Scholarship will be administered. After performing all necessary groundwork to lay a foundation for the scholarship Fund, we produced a clear plan of action with deadlines and milestones over the academic year, including sensitization of students about the scholarship fund, establishing the submission deadline, the screening and selection deadline and the award of the scholarship.
The Result

The scholarship was launched within 3 months from the time the client first contacted us and it is now in full operation. A dream of over four years became reality 3 months after contacting Omni Capital.

  1. Managing Director

    Silas Achu - Managing Director

    Silas Achu:

    Managing Director:

    Silas is the Managing Director of Omni Capital Cameroon Ltd. His previous management experiences include Director at Carbon Group Ltd and Finance Manager at U&I Consulting Ltd.

    He has a passion for management and leadership, and to make a difference. He is a focused and driven individual with a great skill in business management and administration, operations management, project management as well as business development and entrepreneurship.

    His core interests are in entrepreneurship, organisational management, and leadership.

    As MD, he currently leads the talented team at Omni Capital in helping our clients plan & execute diverse projects and initiatives; making sure the essentials of time, budget, and scope are respected and most importantly ensuring set objectives are achieved.

  2. Key Account Manager

    Boris Wango

    Senior Account Manager:

    Boris is the lead Client Account Manager of Omni Capital Cameroon Ltd. His previous experiences include Commercial Agent at Leader de Demain and Secretary General at International Coalition of Organisations for Youth Development (ICOYD).

    He also has a passion for leadership and to mentor leaders at the highest levels of each sector of society. His greatest desire is to see a generation of leaders that will arise and transform their nations using sound principles and Values – which makes Omni Capital a perfect place for him to demonstrate his abilities.

    As a senior Client Account Manager, he currently oversees the execution of projects under our care, working with our various partners and suppliers to ensure the requirements of our clients are met as per the agreed objectives and project goals. He is the friendliest guy around and every client enjoys having Boris as their account manager.

  3. Key Account Manager

    Titus Yusinyu - Client Account Manager

    Titus Yusinyu

    Account Manager:

    Titus is a Client Account Manager of Omni Capital Cameroon Ltd. He's a graduate of the University of Buea's Engineering and Computer Science Faculty.

    As Client Account Manager, he's working with our various partners and suppliers to ensure the requirements of our clients are met as per the agreed objectives and project goals.

    Titus also acts as the company's IT Systems Designer.

  4. Operations

    Enih Azobo

    Operations Manager:

    Enih is the Operations Manager at our office in Buea, Cameroon. Her previous experiences include instructor at G.S.S Buea Town and student counsellor at G.S.S Bomaka, Buea.

    She has a passion for education and administration and she dreams to mentor and encourage youths who are pacesetters in the society.

    As Office Manager, she organises and supervises all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the office and the company as a whole. She is also our dedicated customer service representative and handles all inquiries about our services. She also manages the recruitment and training of new staff and interns on our values and processes.

  5. Key Account Manager

    Sandra Baye

    Key Account Manager

    Sandra is a key account manager working on several customer projects.

    As a key account manager, she's the Project Manager and first point of call for the client and is ultimately responsible for project delivery.

  6. Key Account Manager

    Corinne Guylenne

    Key Account Manager

    Corinne is a key account manager working on several customer projects.

    As a key account manager, she's the Project Manager and first point of call for the client and is ultimately responsible for project delivery.

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